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Voltage, uses and materials

300/500 V cables cuadrado

Cables of rated voltage 300/500 V, intended for incorporation in internal wiring and electrical panels, lighting, ...

450/750 V Cables cuadrado

Cables with rated voltage 450/750 V intended for use in protected permanent reception facilities in homes, premises, ...

Cables 0.6 / 1 kV cuadrado

Cables of rated voltage 0.6 / 1 kV intended for indoor or outdoor reception facilities, buried or aerial and connections in industrial environments, lighting ...

Instrumentation and control cuadrado

Cables intended for installations where it is required to minimize the effect of electromagnetic radiation to ensure the reliability of the signals.

Bare copper cuadrado

Rígido o flexible para la realización de tomas de tierra y aplicaciones especiales.

Prewired cuadrado

Tube ICTA 3422 750 N combined with halogen-free cables for the most common installation.

Cables home ok

cuadrado PVC Cables

Flexibility and robustness for installation in conventional applications.

cuadrado HFFR Cables

Safety for people and for facilities with special protection against fire as well as reduced emissions of acidic, toxic gases and opaque.

cuadrado Armoured cables

Specially designed for installations with risk of fire and explosion on mechanical strength and protection from rodents.

cuadrado Cables automotive

Cables resistant to high temperatures, resistant to gasoline and oil, with special configurations of copper, for the interior of vehicles.

cuadrado Cables for toys

Nontoxic Cables suitable for incorporation into the toy industry in which it ensures the safety of users that these products are intended.

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