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Quantum System

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The combination of two innovations of Cables RCT:
Playwood reel and metre-length mark to make easier the logistics and stock management , resolving so the checking problem of the remaining metres in the reels.

What does it consist of?

They are 500, 1000, 1.500, and 2.000m reels in stock with a metre-length mark in such a way that this mark starts inside the reel in metre cero and ends outside the reel. Therefore the reading of this metre-length mark outside the reel indicates the remaining length of the cable in the reel.

Which cables can be used with this Quantum system?

The available cables are RV-K y RZ1-K (AS) with sections of 3G1,5 y 3G2,5.

Is it possible to apply this system to reels with tailor-made length?

No, it is not possible for the moment. Quantum system can be applied just to predetermined metre-length. The reels with tailor-made length have got the usual metre-length with an indication at the beginning and the end of the reel in the label but it does not begin in metre zero.

Which is the essential advantage of Quantum System?

La bobina ligera y el metreado, para facilitar la gestión logística y de existencias, resolviendo el problema de la comprobación de metrajes restantes en las bobinas.

To know the quantity of cable that is left in the reel just by reading the cable marking.

Are the reels from Quantum System also labelled?

Of course. Besides, thanks to the Quantum System, there won’t be problems anymore to know the quantity of cable that is left in the reel although the label is lost. Reading the metre-length is all you have to do!

How to request it?

It is not necessary to do anything special. If your packaging is a playwood reel and the required quantity and the metre-length of the Quantum System coincide then your order assignation will be automatic.

Will it be possible to continue requiring any material with a tailor-made length?

Of course. Quantum System does not eliminate any of the possibilities or services that Cables RCT usually offers.

How much is it?

There is no additional cost.


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