Boxed Wire®

Boxed Wire®

Boxed Wire® It is a new method for packaging cables specifically designed for large-scale consumers.

The principle behind Boxed Wire® is very straightforward.The cable is placed in a cardboard box from where it can simply be pulled out, without the need for any implements or tools.

What are the dimensions of Boxed Wire®?

A base of 400 X 400 mm and a height of 400 mm.

What types of cable can be packaged in Boxed Wire®?

Boxed Wire® is specifically designed for packaging single core cable, with sections between 0.5 mm2 and 6 mm2.

What are its advantages over a roll?

The main advantage is that it provides the large-scale usera greater length of cable, thus resulting in fewer and shorter stops in production processes and a notable reduction inscrap.

What are its advantages over a coil?

The main advantage is that it is easier to handle. No special tool or implement is required as the cable is simply and easily pulled out of the box. Moreover, as it can be palletised, itcan be stored on a traditional shelf which, when compared to the greater costs of a coil-holder, represents a significant saving.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this packaging is included in the cost of the cable.

Do we have to return the empty box?

No. However, we would be very pleased to receive free of charge the empty boxes to manage their later treatment.

And if I need a greater quantity than that provided in one box, is there an alternative?

Yes. Boxed Wire® allows for continuous manufacturing such that the cable can be supplied in groups of six boxes, in one single run, without any cut.

How is it handled?

Handling Boxed Wire® is one of its great advantages. Each box can be used individually. To extract the cable, simply pull on it – there is no need for any extra equipment or tools.In addition, their dimensions have been studied so they fit on a Euro-pallet, making it especially easy to store. It is also possible to stack full pallets, which results in space saving and a significant improvement in logistics in comparison with other packaging methods.

The box dimensions are approximate 400 x 400 x 400mm

H05V-U/K  |  TriRated H05V2-U/K

H05Z1-U/K  |  ES05Z1-U/K (AS)  |  H05Z-U/K

0,5 2.500
0,75 2.000
1 1.600

H07V-U/K  |  TriRated H07V2-U/K

H07Z1-U/K (AS)  |  H07Z-U/K

1,5 1.200
2,5 800
4 500
6 400
FLRY-B 0,50 2.500
0,75 2.000
1 1.600
1,5 1.200
2 1.200
2,5 800
3 700
4 500
5 500
6 400
UL Style 1007  |  UL Style 1569  22 AWG  2.500
20 AWG 2.000
18 AWG 1.600
16 AWG 1.200
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