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Shrink-plastic packaging

rolloventajas_totalThe modern shrink-plastic packaging for electrical cables offers major advantages compared to the older cardboard box packaging. The most relevant are the following:

1. Protection against environmental exposure. Humidity and rain are natural enemies of cardboard. Shrink-plastic withstands even complete immersion in water.

2. Fall protection. Cardboard boxes may break when dropped. Shrink-plastic will perfectly withstand being dropped from a considerable height without damage to the cable.

3. Protection during use. Cardboard boxes are very fragile and may break easily. Shrink-plastic withstands even careless or rough handling.  

4. Better visibility. Cardboard does not allow to check the colour of the cable contained inside nor the remaining amount from a distance. Being transparent, shrink-plastic provides immediate content identification.  

5. Improved performance during storage. Cardboard boxes tend to loose their shape and even break with time when stacked in the warehouse. Shrink-plastic simply does not suffer any deterioration due to stacking.  

th rollo retractil26. Right down to the last layer. Shrink-plastic preserves the material in perfect conditions right down to the last layer without allowing any knots or tangles.  

7.Less waste. Shrink-plastic produces much less waste after the product is used up.  

8.Less environmental impact. The estimated cost of recycling cardboard boxes is 40% more than that of shrink-plastic used for the same amount of cable.

Each coil is identified individually with a bar code label and the coils are grouped together according to cross-section. Furthermore, shrink-plastic allows us to provide "made-to-measure" packaging: see all our possibilities in Types of Coils

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