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Prewired tube H07V-U

Prewired tube H07V-U


These cable tubings are indicated for executing permanent installations in housing, premises and offices, electrical control panels, as well as domestic and industrial lighting. Electrical conductors of different colours and sections required to execute each installation are inserted onto the inside of a corrugated tube, thus achieving a product that provides the installer with an integral service that has numerous advantages and also saves time and costs

Reference Standards

UNE-EN 50525-2-31, EN 50525-2-31 and IEC 60227-3


Suitable for the following installations:
  • Outdoor lighting installations
  • EarthingIndoor or receiver installations
  • Indoor installations in housing
  • Indoor installations in housing
  • Premises that contain a bath or shower
  • Installations on premises with fire or explosion risk
  • Installations in premises with special characteristics
  • Electrical installations in caravans and in caravans parks

Industrial Outdoor lighting Maximum temperature 70 ºC Super slide Flexible RoHS CPR rated

Technical Characteristics

Tubo precableado H07V-U Tubo precableado H07V-U
1. Conductor

Electrolytic copper conductor, ClassI, according to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360) and UNE 60228.

2. Insulation

PVC insulation, type TI-1, according to BS 21031-3 and HD 21.3S3: 1995/12:2008.

3. Tube

Fireproof polypropylene corrugated tube with low halogen content, low fumes emission and non-flame propagating. Resistant to acids, bases and organic solvents and excellent compression properties (750 N)

Test voltage

2.500 V A.C.

Nominal voltage


Maximum temperature

70 ºC

Other characteristics

Colours according to UNE-EN 50525-1 and EN 50525-1
Non-flame propagating according to UNE-EN 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2 and IEC 60332-1-2
PVC insulation with reduced hydrogen chloride (HCL) emission


at 20 °C