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ROZ1-K (AS) 300/500 V


These cables are halogen free, suitable for carrying out fixed electrical installations in electromagnetic shielding is required to avoid generation of parasitic currents in other circuits. Subject to fire it does not emit acid or toxic gases so it guarantees the safety of people and of the installations. such as public places, hospitals, schools, malls, airports, etc.. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor air on stands, pipes or buried.

Reference Standards

UNE 21123, HD 603 S1 and IEC 60502


  • Public premises

According to the Regulation on Safety against Fire in Industrial Establishments, 2004 According to basic document SI, safety in case of fire, of the Technical Building Code, March 2006.

Appropriate for installations where greater fire protection is required and to guarantee the operation of installations directly subject to fire.

Industrial Maximum temperature 90 ºC Flexible Electromagnetic shielding RoHS

Technical Characteristics

ROZ1-K (AS) 300/500 V ROZ1-K (AS) 300/500 V
1. Conductor

Flexible electrolytic copper (Class V) according to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360) and UNE 60228.

2. Insulation

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), type DIX-3, according to UNE 21123 and HD 603S1

3-4. Screen

Polyester tape, tinplated copper drainage wire and polyester aluminium tape.

5. Sheath

Halogen-free thermoplastic polyolefin sheath according to UNE 21123, non-fire propagating and with reduced smoke emission and opacity

Nominal voltage

300/500 V

Test voltage

2.000 V A.C.

Maximum temperature

90 ºC

Other characteristics

Primary colours, red and black
Non-flame propagating according to UNE-EN 60332, EN 60332 and IEC 60332
Non-fire propagating according to UNE-EN 60332, EN 60332 and IEC 60332
Low halogen content according to UNE-EN 50267, EN 50267 and IEC 60754-1 and 60754-2
Low corrosive gas emission according to UNE-EN 50267, EN 50267 and IEC 60754-1 and 60754-2
Low opaque smoke emission according to UNE-EN 61034, EN 61034 and IEC 61034


at 20 °C











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