5: What does the Euroclass initial mean?

The designation of the fire reaction characteristics of electrical cables is based on a code that indicates their performance. This code specifies the Euroclass and, if applicable, additional classifications.

Class; satisfies the non-propagation of the flame or of the fire, and emitted heat limits

Flammable particles; no burning droplets or particles that persist for more than 10 s during the 1200 s of the test

Reduced smoke emission and transmittance of over 60%

Reduced acidity and corrosiveness of the emitted gases (conductivity < 2.5 µS/mm and pH > 4.3)

Digit 1cpr-digito-1

Fire propagation and heat emission performance, cable class (Aca, B1ca, B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca, Fca).

They do not contribute to the fire.

B1ca -B2ca
Minimum contribution to the fire.

Cca – Dca – Eca
Combustible, they contribute the fire, from lower to higher contribution.

Undetermined contribution properties.

Digit 2cpr-digito-2

Smoke emission properties (s1, s1a, s1b, s2, s3).

This classification provides information about the opacity of the emitted smoke (s: smoke).

Little smoke production and slow smoke propagation.

  • s1a Transmittance >80%.
  • s1b Transmittance >60% and <80%.

s2 Average smoke production and propagation.

s3 None of the above.

Digit 3cpr-digito-3

Burning droplets/particles (d0, d1, d2).

This classification provides information about the dripping of burning material during the fire (d: droplet).

No burning droplets or particles.

No burning droplets or particles that last more than 10 seconds.

None of the above.

Digit 4cpr-digito-4

Acidity performance (a1, a2, a3) in addition applying the test described in standard
UNE-EN 50267-2-3.

This classification provides information about the emission of acid gases during the fire (a: acidity).

Conductivity < 2,5 µS/mm and pH > 4,3.

Conductivity < 10 µS/mm and pH > 4,3.

None of the above.

We will thus obtain as many Euroclasses as combinations are possible between the previously mentioned classification criteria, bearing in mind that classes Aca, Eca y Fca are only designated by the digit 1 (class) as they do not have additional classification criteria.

This performance code (fire reaction class and additional classification) according to the CPR must appear in the cable marking together with the rest of the marks. This classification system ranks equally in all European Union countries.

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