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Cables RCT compliant with the RoSH Directive

Cables RCT cumple con la directiva RoHS

With the publication of the updated document on Directive 2011/65/EU in reference to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) by Europacable, we would like to underscore Cables RCT’s commitment to the environmental policy and through the EU Declaration of Conformity (DOC) within the framework described in the RoSH, to certify that our products do not contain any restricted substances.

Using shielded cables

Using shielded cables

Electromagnetic interference has started to cause such serious problems that it has made it necessary to publish European legislation regulating the design of electrical equipment and electronics, with the aim of reducing undesired effects that are produced when interactions occur, which has been defined as the concept of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Electromagnetic Interference

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In recent years, it has become increasingly common to see wireless technology being introduced across all sectors. Combined with a greater usage of electronic and IT equipment, this means that our surroundings are being routinely subjected to electromagnetic wave activity.

What is your packaging?

What is your packaging?

At Cables RCT we are committed to innovation and excellence beyond just our cables, extending this philosophy to the packaging in which we deliver our orders, which has been thought out to cover multiple needs.

Cables with IEC certification

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The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is responsible for standardization in the fields of electricity and electronics. The IEC currently has more than 80 members, which are national standards entities.

Plywood reels

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We are proud to present our plywood reels for cable transport and handling: lighter, easier to handle, and costing up to 60% less than traditional drums.

The most extensive line of CPR cables

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We are happy to announce that 100% of our PVC CPR cables are now available for purchase, offering the most extensive line on the market. Our halogen-free CPR cables are also available and ready for installation.

We satisfy all requirements

We satisfy all requirements

We are off on holiday with all our homework done and proud to finish the year in first position. From Cables RCT we wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017.

What is the Declaration of Performance?

Declaration of Performance

Compliance with the CPR entails a very important requirement, which consists of having a "Declaration of Performance" for every product that must adapt to the new regulation. We have these documents at Cables RCT and you can consult them on our website.

We present our Guide on the CPR


In view of the importance of the changes represented by the CPR for construction materials and the complexity of the regulation, at Cables RCT we have prepared a guide that gives a step-by-step explanation of this information. Our dealers have this guide and it can also be downloaded online.

Our new website on the CPR

Web dedicada al CPR de Cables RCT

At Cables RCT we do not want anyone to have doubts with respect to the CPR and everything that surrounds it. So, we have developed a microsite where you can consult any aspect related to the CPR which sets out everything clearly and in a user-friendly way.  

UL Style 1007 / 1569 Cable Certificate

Certificado cable UL Style 1007 / 1569

At Cables RCT our UL certificate product range has additions to those obtained in the past: Tri-Rated Style 1015, 1028, 1283 and 1284 Cables. Now, we add two new references: UL Style 1007 and 1569 Cables.

2015 Award to Export

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We are pleased to announce that we have received the 2015 award to export, presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza. This is the second time that our exporting activity has been rewarded with this acknowledgement.

Tri-Rated cables

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Do you need a cable that withstands high temperatures?

Our Tri-Rated cables have been developed to withstand high temperatures of up to 105ºC in the wiring of distribution boards and lighting.

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