2017 began reviewing a year full of achievements



It has been a year of hard work to adapt our cables to the new regulations, but it has also given us great satisfaction

It has been a year of hard work to adapt our cables to the new regulations, but it has also given us great satisfaction to classify our products seven months before the deadline marked by the EU on July 1st, 2017. All this effort has been a valuable experience and a challenge that has helped us grow and become more competitive.

As soon as we received the notification from the EU of the implementation of CPR, its details and deadlines for compliance, we quickly got down to work. We acquired and installed a fire cabin (one of the few sets of equipment of this kind in Spain) for testing how our products react to fire in our own workplace, which has allowed us to work quickly and be rigorous in the development process.

Cabina de fuego Cables RCT

Through the R & D and quality departments, we have developed new constructions for our cables, using new materials and performing all relevant tests and trials to get the approval of the External Notified Body AENOR and the External Notified Laboratory CEIS. The different classifications are reflected in the Declaration of Performance (DoP) freely available to be consulted on our website cablesrct.com.

Adaptation to CPR is a complex process

Adaptation to CPR is a complex process. Therefore we wanted to keep our customers informed and up to date regarding CPR, so we launched a website specifically about the regulations, cpr-cables.com, which analyses the details point by point and resolves any possible doubts. In addition, we have developed a practical guide, available for free download. What's more, in our blog and in social networks, we have promptly informed of all relevant news about CPR which has been echoed by various specialised media. In addition, our sales representatives and customer service department have received full training in order to be prepared to resolve any questions about CPR.

CPRetiquetaBannerEN 550

Finally, to facilitate the identification of products classified CPR, we have designed a new red label that includes all necessary information and a new CPR symbol allows you to quickly differentiate the classified product.

Chronicle of CPR classifications

On November 2cnd, 2016 we got the first CPR classification with Eca category for our PVC cables, a first achievement that put us at the forefront of products classified as CPR. PVC cables are to be replaced gradually without changing code or price. Our commitment is that in March all of our PVC cables will be supplied with the corresponding classification.

Shortly thereafter, early last December, we achieved the B2ca-S1a d0, a1 classification for the halogen - free cable H07Z1-K (AS) CPR, a product that not only meets the minimum requirements of the ministry but surpasses them, proving our high level of commitment to the new regulation.



Then we got the Cca-s1b d1, a1 classification for the family RZ1-K (AS) 0.6 / 1kV CPR, thus completing the work of adequacy of all cables that had to meet the CPR requirements just before the end of the year.

The halogen free cables of the Cca category or higher are substantially different to the current cables and the cost is higher. Since marketing is mandatory from July 1st, 2017, until that date we will supply cables with or without CPR classification according to the demand of our customers.




We will continue to offer cables for every day and cables for life

In addition to these fundamental cable ranges we have continued with the classification of other families that, although not usually used in construction, we believe appropriate to classify. We are very pleased to say that we are the manufacturer with the most certified CPR products.

All of these achievements and innovations make us proud of who we are and of the work done and place us firmly in the near future when we will continue to offer cables for every day and cables for life.

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