Style 1007 (UL): high performance



We continue innovating to remain one step ahead of any need

At our facilities we continue researching, innovating and making an effort to offer products that remain one step ahead of any need. Thus, we present our Style 1007 cable (UL), a high-tech cable for the most demanding applications such as electrical and electronic equipment, offering a higher performance in a reduced size.

The Style 1007 cable (UL), which completes our range of high temperature cables, is made with AWG dimensions, tinned copper and an advanced design to make it easier to handle and able to support voltages of up to 300 volts.

Style 1007 EN OK

At Cables RCT we also offer UL 758 certification for the United States as well as CSA 22.2 certification for Canada, placing us once again at the cutting-edge of technology. The Style 1007 cable (UL) is a product with dual certification, ideal for use on international markets.

You can consult full information below: Style 1007 Cables (UL).

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