What does UL certification consist of?



We have UL certifications for the Tri-Rated UL-CSA H07V2-U, UL-CSA H07V2-K, UL-CSA H05V2-K and UL-CSA H05V2-U cables, as well as for the Style 1007 and 1569 cables

The UL certification mark, issued by Underwriters Laboratories, is one of the most highly recognised symbols, ensuring that a product is guaranteed to meet the safety and quality standards of products in the United States and Canada, making it highly competitive for the free movement of products in international markets.

UL certifications are voluntary, although, due to their prestige, they have been considered necessary for many electric and electronic products, generating trust and peace of mind in consumers. When we find a product with UL certification, it means that the UL independent laboratory carries out regular and continuous audits on manufacturers, as well as tests on representative samples of these products taken from the market, verifying that they satisfactorily meet the requirements established in the standards in force.


Within the UL certification we can distinguish two main marks:

  • “UL Listing”, applied to finished products and placed on the market for end-use.
  • “Recognised component”, applied to components that will later form part of a product. Both marks have the same prestige.

UL marks can be combined with other product certifications such as the HAR, thus achieving highly competitive products on all markets.

As manufacturers who are able to tackle the highest technological challenges, we have UL certifications for the Tri-Rated UL-CSA H07V2-U, UL-CSA H07V2-K, UL-CSA H05V2-K and UL-CSA H05V2-U cables and also for the UL Style 1007 and 1569 cables. These cables are designed to be incorporated in equipment that are marketed on different markets such as the North American or Canadian ones, guaranteeing the safety demanded in these countries.

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With this highly exclusive certification, Cables RCT wishes to locally provide its customers with access to the highest performing materials.

You can consult all the information referring to our UL cables below:

We also provide you with a pdf document containing information about our UL cables that you can download free.

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