Shielded cables: Trust the experts

Do you know what a shielded cable is? When it is necessary to use them? What it is important to notice at the time of choosing a shielded cable?


In Cables RCT, we meticulously design and manufacture our own family of shielded cables

We increasingly count on wireless technologies and electronic devices, causing the significant present of electromagnetic waves. These waves can give rise to interferences, which can eventually limit or even interrupt the performance of electrical installations. To avoid this effect, it is necessary to count on shielded cables.

It is time to trust the experts

Shielded cables are a very special range of products, that require staff with a high technical training and in Cables RCT, we have this. We are experts in shielded cables and we have qualified staff to guide you at the time of deciding which cable to use in each case, to protect installations from electromagnetic interferences in the optimal way.


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We know that each concrete case requires a unique solution, so we make the support of the customer services department of Cables RCT available to our distributors, through the telephone number +34 976 500 120, to respond to any query.

In Cables RCT, we meticulously design and manufacture our own family of shielded cables, prepared to guarantee the proper functioning of installations in sensitive environments. For this purpose, we offer our catalogue of shielded cables to you in PDF format, which you can freely download in this link and therefore you can be up to date with the most important aspects to take into account and consult the 18 models that make up this range.

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