Rolling Roll® the new cable packaging


RollingRoll New rolls


Times change
Needs change, consumption habits
and business models change
The society changes.




Evolving means adapting to change and making progress is the chance to have an important role in this change.

RollingRoll® is a complete range of the most common consumer PVC or halogen-free cables, in 750V and in 1000V, packaged in rolls of 25m, 50m, 100m and 200m.

Created for distributors of electrical supplies, knowing that their appeal will draw attention from other sectors of our market.

The RollingRoll® family includes listed cables in rolls of 100 or 200 metres and 0.6/1kV PVC or halogen-free cables in rolls of 25m, 50m or 100m.

RollingRoll® will coexist with the other normal Cables RCT packaging. They are not incompatible, they are complementary and they are intended to cover a wide variety of wiring needs and situations. Being able to supply our clients with what they need is to our advantage.

RollingRoll® not only enables you to get ahead of the current demands of electricians and compete with other market players, from a financial point of view it will also enable you to reduce your stock value, without compromising your product range. You will have the same product range and availability without having to pay heavily for it.

Range, versatility, savings, competitiveness, availability, adaptation, evolution.



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