Our new website on the CPR



At Cables RCT, we have created an exclusive microsite on the CPR

At Cables RCT, our aim is to clear up all doubts about the CPR, its application, application deadlines, the Euroclasses that the cables to be installed must satisfy and any other aspect related to it. With this idea in mind and to keep you informed, we have developed a highly visual and very clear microsite where you can consult the new aspects that must be taken into account regarding the new regulation, in ten bullet points.

The microsite is accessed through the cpr-cables.com website, where you can access online information and also download its entire content in pdf onto your mobile device and always keep it at hand.


You will find the following content on the microsite:

  1. What is the CPR? Who does it affect?

  2. Characteristics that the cables must satisfy with respect to the CPR

  3. Since when must the CPR be applied to cables?

  4. Which CPR Euroclasses apply to cables?

  5. What do the Euroclass initials means?

  6. Euroclass classification

  7. External assessment and verification of cables

  8. What is the declaration of performance “DoP”?

  9. What is the EC marking like now?

  10. Euroclasses that the cable to be installed must satisfy

We invite you to visit our microsite and bear it in mind when you make any consultation. We hope it will help you. 

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