Heat resistant PVC cables CPR Eca classified



The H05V2/07V2-U and H05V2/07V2-K cables are CPR Eca classified

H05V2-U / H07V2-U and H05V2-K / H07V2-K cables are heat-resistant with a maximum temperature of 90ºC. They are designed for internal wiring for controller equipment, electrical control panels and signaling circuits, in environments of particularly high temperatures, as well as certified by Aenor as HAR.

Their predecessors, the Tri-Rated cables, hold the international certifications HAR, UL and CSA, as well as a higher maximum temperate (105ºC), but for the same conductor size, they have larger diameters, making the version more flexible, compact, and easier to install.


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Below you can check the features of each of our new heat resistant cables.


The H05V2/07V2-U and H05V2/07V2-K cables are CPR Eca classified.

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