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Tri-Rated cables

It is a cable that meets the requirements of three international certifications at the same time, UL (USA), CSA (Canada) and HAR (Europe).

It is mainly used for distribution boards and lighting. The plastic that is used for its insulation can withstand high operating temperatures of up to 105ºC that are produced in this type of electrical installation.

The lines of Tri-Rated cables that we make are the H05V2-U, H05V2-K, H07V2-U, H07V2-R and H07V2-K. They are available in the style 1015, 1028, 1283 and 1284 according to the required section, which could be American (AWG) or European(metric).

What standards do they comply with?

UL 758, CSA 22.2 and EN 50525, which means that they can be marketed all over the world without any technical barriers.

What Tri-Rated products do we have?

Currently our Tri-Rated cables are, according to the harmonized product name, H05V2-U, H05V2-K, H07V2-U, H07V2-R and H07V2-K. According to the American name they are the Styles 1015, 1028, 1283 and 1284.

What is a “Style”?

The American standard defines the cables by means of their “Style”, which is a numerical code that refers to the characteristics of the cable sheaths, as well as the diameters of the cables in order to determine the voltage.

What sections do we make?

Depending on the voltage and the type of copper (I, II or V), from 0.50 to 240 taking into account that the section could be European (millimetres) or American (AWG: American Wire Gauge). This does not have a direct equivalent but rather an estimated one, which can be found in the conversion table attached.

What type of packaging does the cable come in?

We can supply this line of cables in any of the standard RCT Cable packaging. From shrink wrapped rolls, cardboard reels, plastic reels, P400 or MP400 reels, light reels, wooden reels… Nevertheless, Tri-Rated cable users normally prefer the Boxed Wire® packaging because of the corresponding advantages: more cable can be stored and it can simply be pulled out without having to use any tools.

What is so special about it?

It can be used for equipment intended for the USA, Canada or Europe. Moreover, the prestigious triple certification means that these cables are reliable enough to be used all over the world without any technical barriers.

Can the Tri-Rated cables be used in conventional wiring installations?

Yes, they can. These cables can be installed alternatively anywhere that its conventional equivalents are required. The only difference is that the Tri-Rated cables can withstand a higher temperature which adds value to the electrical installation.

What is UL?

Underwriters Laboratories is an independent international company that has been dedicated to the science of safety since 1894, and it is a benchmark of reliability thanks to its Certifications. It has 7000 employees, more than 70 laboratories and it operates in over 100 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

What does a UL certification involve?

As well as the initial official approval process carried out on the material and the auditing of the management system, along with the later regular inspections and sampling, the UL certified cables also have to meet an additional requirement: a UL label that identifies the material and guarantees the traceability of it for the end user, must be put on each packaged unit that is available on the market.

What should be done with the UL label?

One of the UL certification requirements is that the end user must keep it with the cable until all of it has been installed definitively.