We present our catalogue of shielded cables

After speaking about the importance of counting on experts at the time of choosing and installing shielded cables in our last post, now we wish to offer you the complete catalogue that we have dedicated to them.

We offer you some pieces of advice that are very useful at the time of installing our shielded cables

In this document, which you can download in this link, we explain what exactly is an electromagnetic interference, how it can worsen or interrupt the performance of an installation exposed to them and how to avoid this thanks to shielded cables. Also, we wish to show you the options that we have available in detail, explaining to you what they are and how the following types of cables work:


  • Shielded cables with concentric wires
  • Shielded cables with copper braid
  • Shielded cables with a polyester-aluminum foil



Catalogo EN LOW


We also focus on the way of determining the appropriate cable to install in each situation, and we offer you some pieces of advice that are very useful to take into account at the time of handling and installing our shielded cables. We complete our catalogue by showing you the 18 models of cable that we make so the installations are always protected from electromagnetic interferences.



As this is a complex topic that requires a high technical competence, in Cables RCT, we make our highly qualified experts available to you, who will help you to recommend the shielded cable you need. To ask us any question concerning this, you can contact our customer service department through the telephone number + 34 976 500 120.

We invite you to keep watching our blog and social network to be aware of the upcoming publications about our shielded cables.

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