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¿What’s the difference between plywood reels and traditional drums?

Plywood reels  have the same capacity as traditional drums and they are suitable for use with thinner cables. Despite their lightweight construction, our tests have shown that the life span of plywood reels is more than satisfactory. Since they were first released, we have put more than 60,000 plywood reels on the market, and they have been very well-received by our customers.

Three important reasons to choose the plywood reels on the market

1. Cost

We work with plywood reels the same as with traditional drums, so you can return them to any Cables RCT location. In terms of the savings generated by the use of plywood reels, we will explain how it works in the following three different cases:

  • If the drums are not returned to us, the savings is clear because of the much lower price of the plywood reels, reducing the cost by more than 60%.

  • If the drums are returned to Cables RCT, the savings is generated by the lower purchase price, because the logistics requirements for the customer are similar to the case of traditional reels.

  • Traditional drums are normally refunded with a demerit of at least 20%. Plywood reels in good condition are refunded 100% when shipping is prepaid or if delivered to any of the Cables RCT locations.

In short, if you don’t return the plywood reels, you can achieve an approximate savings of 25% of the real cost of a traditional drum that is returned.


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 2. Environment and exports

The same environmental legislation applies to plywood reels drums as to traditional drums, which means that the plywood reels conform to 100% of the requirements. Also, since they have been treated for tropical climates, they are perfectly suitable for exports. Plywood reels are individually tagged to facilitate tracking and management.

3. Handling

Plywood reels are specially constructed with the lightest materials, which makes them easier and more comfortable to handle. You’ll notice the difference with respect to traditional drums during day-to-day storage and transport.


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Plywood reels in your upcoming orders

Note that not all cables can be shipped on plywood reels because they are not suitable for thicker cables. This means that we will use both plywood reels and traditional drums depending on the product. However, if you nevertheless still wish to continue working with traditional drums, just let us known and we will send your orders that way. Also, you can change your preference at any time and can use plywood reels whenever you wish, provided that you specify this in the order.

The plywood reels will not come with a preset number of metres, which means that you will be able to maintain your preferences when making any order. However, we do keep drums in stock with standard lengths, for example 500 m of 3G1.5, in order to speed up service.

If you are interested in using our plywood reels to send orders to your customers, we offer the possibility of purchasing empty drums, with a minimum order of one pallet*

*A pallet holds forty 400L type drums, eighteen 500L type drums, and twelve 600L type drums.

At Cables RCT, we continue innovating and working every day to improve the characteristics of our cables, as well as the way in which we handle and ship your orders, so that your experience with us, from start to finish, is always 100% satisfactory.

We have prepared a summary of our plywood reels that is available in pdf format that you can consult anytime, anywhere.

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