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The film wrapping as the logical successor to the cardboard box

While moisture and rain easily deform and destroy cardboard, plastic wrap perfectly protects cables from these threats, remaining water-resistant even when completely immersed in water. As such, your cables keep in the same condition as when they were first packaged.

Better protection and greater durability



Furthermore, shrink-plastic packaging offers better protection to the product in case of accident, withstanding impact when dropped from a great height, with both product and packaging going undamaged. On the other hand, cardboard boxes usually break in such circumstances. When handling the product and removing it from the packaging, film wrapping guarantees far greater durability than cardboard box, which can be damaged with repeated handling. However, plastic wrap can endure careless or even violent handling.

In addition, since it is transparent, shrink-plastic packaging makes it easy to identify cables and remaining quantities, which would be impossible with traditional boxes. Furthermore, there are no problems when it comes to stacking, since unlike cardboard, it does not become deformed or damaged over time.

In this video, you can watch a summary of everything explained so far.



It stores the product in the most efficient way

Sometimes, when removing cable from its packaging, you end up with knots and tangling, an issue that is avoided with the new plastic packaging, since it stores the product in the most efficient way. Additionally, it is a more environmentally friendly form of packaging, since it produces far less waste than cardboard, and is more economic when it comes to recycling. It is important to note that the estimated cost of recycling cardboard boxes is 40% higher than the cost of recycling the plastic wrap necessary for the same quantity of cable.

You can review all specifications for film wrapping in the table below:


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After considering all of the benefits offered by shrink-plastic packaging in comparison to traditional cardboard, you have the choice to start using it from now on, for greater convenience, product protection, and ease of storage. You would be appreciating these advantages on a daily basis. However, if you prefer to continue using cardboard boxes, we will continue to provide them just as we always have.

And now, here is a video with some very useful tips for handling shrink-plastic packaging


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