Our PVC cables now comply with the CPR



Our PVC cables now comply with the CPR

Our range of PVC cables now complies with all the requirements of the CPR regulation, enabling us to be ready long before the deadline to adapt to the new EU regulation, on 1 July 2017. All cables that comply with the CPR must be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance, which is a legal document that must be publically available. In this Declaration, the manufacturer identifies the products and their use, and the features of the cables with relation to its essential characteristics are expressed.


PVC Cables

At Cables RCT, we have published the declarations of performance of our PVC cables on our website, where they can be downloaded free of charge.

Below you can consult the product datasheets with the technical characteristics and declaration of performance of the cables:


(300 / 500 V) 

(450 / 750 V)


(0,6 / 1 kV) 

(Prewired tube)


*The new cables prepared for the CPR are subject to availability. Consult us for information about all the details..

We invite you to visit our micro-site, cpr-cables.com, to clear up any doubts about the new EU regulation, as well as our website to keep up to date in terms of developments and news.

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