What is your packaging?



In addition to offering a cable with the maximum guarantees, we consider what is the most suitable support for its transport and handling

In addition to offering a cable with the maximum guarantees and the most demanding certifications, we take into account what is the most suitable support for its transport and handling, in order to improve the work to distributors and installers.

That's why we offer a wide range of possibilities, ranging from wooden reels, plywood reels, plastic reels, Boxed Wire®, shrink plastic packaging, cardboard reels and Ecobox.


What is your packaging?


  • The wooden reel is the most suitable for thick cables, while the plywood reel, a more economical solution, more manageable and respectful with the environment, is ideal for lighter cables.
  • The plastic reels are perfect for repeated use or in adverse environments, such as construction work for example, for small or intermediate lengths.
  • For large consumers for cable installation, we have the Boxed Wire® packaging, a convenient and simple option when removing the necessary material at any time without the need for special tools..
  • When it comes to small diameter cables, we recommend the shrink-wrap that can vary from 50 to 2000 meters, depending on consumer demand, and can also be delivered in Ecobox cardboard boxes.
  • The cardboard coils with a metal core, meanwhile, are aimed at the English market and designed to ease the handling and cutting of lightweight cables. Also, the cables can be delivered in plastic coils, for those customers who need it.


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This brief description of the packaging that we have, shows our clear desire to centre ourselves around the needs of our clients, researching each day to find the solutions that best suit the requirements of the market and expectations of the installers and distributors.

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