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We offer the largest number of available options in CPR cables

In November of last year, we obtained CPR classification for our PVC cables, and in March, we began marketing them with the corresponding certification. This means that in addition to offering products that provide top quality for their entire lives, we also offer the largest number of options available in PVC, to allow you to choose based on your needs and projects.

RZ1K H07Z1K Vertical Simetrico 5000


Consult our full product line at this link: PVC CPR cables and check the characteristics of each product, along with the corresponding Declaration of Performance (DoP), which, we remind you, must be submitted to certify that the cable to be purchased complies with the requirements of the new regulation, which will take full effect in July.

The line of PVC CPR cables now available for purchase is described below:


(300 / 500 V)

(450 / 750 V)

(0,6 / 1 kV)

(Instrumentation and control)

(Prewired cable)

Our halogen-free CPR line is also available for purchase

Our line of halogen-free CPR cables is now commercially available, and has even passed the minimum classification required by the EU, as in the case of cable H07Z1-K (AS) CPR. Like our PVC cables, you can also consult our full line of halogen-free CPR cables at the link below: HFFR CPR Cables.

We offer the following HFFR products:

From the time the EU notified us that CPR was taking effect, we have made an effort to keep you informed regarding the new developments and clear up any doubts that you many have had. For this reason, we invite you to visit our micro website on, where you can download our free practical guide in pdf format, consult our blog, where we publish posts on news and new developments.

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